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Yardstick Conditioning

This is a concept I first learned from Bud Jeffries. I believe he outlined it inside of Twisted Conditioning 2, though I could have that mixed up. Bud was the first guy I saw that was really doing it all. While many people were bodyweight only guys, or kettlebell guys, or clubbell people, here was […]

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How to Plan for a Big Training Goal

I’m settled into my new house, and things are mostly back to normal. However, much that I want to go off in a new training direction, I still have a big goal I need to hit before I can do that. The Beast Snatch Test. I was closing in on it, but let me tell […]

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Jumping Lunge for Conditioning

The following is an excerpt from The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Conditioning. The Jumping Lunge To start with, from a normal standing position, step one foot forward, with a larger than normal step. This forward foot will be flat footed. Bend the leg as the other foot stays in place but raises up onto the […]

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The Strength-Endurance Continuum

The following is an excerpt from The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Conditioning. In the training world you’ve likely come across these terms before: strength, strength-endurance and endurance. What is the difference in these? What makes something a feat of strength versus a feat of endurance? You may think of deadlifting a heavy barbell as a […]

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PR Report 1-10-14

I’ve been working on my flexibility for the most part this week. I shot this video which shows me doing an isometric stretching variation in both the front splits and the side. You can see me get lower with each tense and release. I can tell I’ve already improved my flexibility this week stretching on […]

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Adrian Peter Schmidt

Adrian Peter Schmidt was a physical culturist and strongman born in 1872 in France. Unlike many oldtime strongmen who had great genetic predispositions and health, Schmidt wasn’t so lucky genetic-wise and he also contracted typhoid fever at the age of 15. This combination left him very slim, but he still managed to accomplish amazing results […]

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Conditioning Continuum

No Conditioning

A new article all about conditioning and endurance exercise has been put on Breaking Muscle. Why I Don’t Do “Conditioning” and You Don’t Have to Either It’s too bad that running a marathon is still looked at by many as the epitome of fitness. Even the man who popularized running, Kenneth Cooper, later in his […]

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How To Blend Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight For Extreme Gains In Strength, Power, and Conditioning

Check out this guest post from Travis Stoetzel. Back before I had my gym I can remember the good ol’ days of rolling around in my Jeep, AKA my “mobile garage gym” and cranking out some of the best workouts ever. I didn’t need a gym. Just some open space, my sandbags, kettlebells, and of […]

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Logan Christopher and David Wolfe

7 Amazing Longevity Health Tips

I got back from my trip last to the Longevity Now Conference last night. And what a trip it was. I’m afraid I can only scratch the surface of everything I learned here. But I did want to give you a few things to take away from it. 1. Grounding yourself allows your blood to […]

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Stephen Santangelo

Steven Santangelo

Last night’s Super Human Training call was a surprise to me. Bud brought on Stephen Santangelo and I didn’t know what to expect. What ended up happening was a lot of ground breaking info was shared. This included: Balancing the blood’s pH for optimal health and training A Common eating mistake that makes you body […]

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