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How to Combine Isometric Training with more…

A great question came in recently. And it’s a common question about how to combine different forms of training, if it can be done well at all. Robert asks: First of all: congratulations on your fantastic website!! I’m lovin’ it! Well, I train seriously since two years now, one year of it only calisthenics, based […]

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Progressive Slides vs. Jumps

If you want to become stronger (more enduring, flexible, skilled, etc.) it comes down to progression. If you understand the principles of progression then you can achieve just about any physical thing. It’s just a matter of putting in the work over time. People often ask, how do you tear a phonebook in half? Besides […]

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Podcast: Adrienne Harvey

Listen to the first female interview on the Legendary Strength podcast with Adrienne Harvey. I first had the pleasure of meeting Adrienne when she attended the 2nd Super Human Training Workshop. [display_podcast] How to tackle the Iron Maiden or Beast Challenge The Human Flag for Stronger Presses? Athletes are born MADE All about the PCC […]

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Podcast: Questions and Answers

I take on many of the questions I receive on a daily basis and answer them in this podcast. [display_podcast] Want to get bigger, stronger, more agile and look better? Here’s what to do first… Two ways to deal with stubborn fat What to do about the voice that says “You don’t deserve to win” […]

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OASHPU Roundtable Discussion

Alex Zinchenko over at RoughStrength.com put together a discussion among four people, myself included, about the one arm handstand pushups or OAHSPU. This includes Paul Wade, the main responsible for popularizing this move in Convict Conditioning. Read How to Gain the One Arm Handstand Pushups

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Podcast: Al Kavadlo on Bodyweight Training

The latest podcast had me very excited. I got to interview Al Kavadlo, who if you’re not familiar with, is quite the bodyweight trainer. We discuss his training in some detail and find out how its actually quite similar to mine. Great minds think alike 🙂 [display_podcast] The number one key factor in becoming successful […]

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How to Avoid a Plateau in Convict Conditioning

Recently I received a question on breaking through plateaus in Convict Conditioning (actually it was specifically about the sequel, Convict Conditioning 2, but the ideas apply for both these books and more). In this case a guy had a hard time with hanging grip work from CC2. Although I think Convict Conditioning books are great […]

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Handstand Pushup Progressions

Handstands are a huge part of my training right now. And in this article I want to share with you some of my most current PR’s as well as give you some ideas on handstand pushup progressions. Let’s start with the videos. Here you have 8 full range handstand pushups and 4 freestanding handstand pushups. […]

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Clutch Flag

Been having lots of fun in my recent park workouts. Here is a video on me doing a Clutch Flag. Clutch Flag To be honest, I had never seen nor heard of this version of the human flag, until I read Convict Conditioning 2. Anyone with a good level of strength should be capable of […]

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Hill Sprinting

Slow vs. Fast Training

I received this question from Sean over in England the other day and it’s a great one on slow vs. fast training. “Hi Logan. You said in a post before that it is better to lift quickly to develop strength and power. Is this the same with exercises like pushups and squats. The Convict Conditioning […]

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