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12 Carrying Exercise Positions

Overall, carrying weights is an underrated exercise. It deserves prominence up there with squats and deadlifts as a way to build bodily strength. And it tends to be very applicable to life as sometimes we need to pickup and move heavy things. Nor is it just about strength, but can be turned into a great […]

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Deadlift Isometrics

Using a barbell and a power rack, you can do deadlift isometrics that can directly increase your deadlifting ability. But you must understand your weak points to know which isometrics will work best. For most people, the sticking point in the deadlift is right below or above the knees. If that’s the case, then isometrics […]

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The Once per Week Workout Plan

Glenn writes in regarding one of my more popular books, Deceptive Strength: “It’s easy to read as it doesn’t go into minute detail like so many books these days do. So easy to understand and lots of good ideas to help expand on what I’m doing, although I’m still trying to focus on health as […]

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6 Strength Training Measuring Sticks

How do you match up? While you shouldn’t necessarily compare yourself to other people out there, it can be useful from time to time.These six measuring sticks can be helpful guidelines for how you might want to structure your training and what your weak points might be. Deadlift – Bodyweight X 2 Back Squat – […]

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An Old Lift for Improved Gains

A new guest article was put up at Breaking Muscle a couple of days ago. Old-time Strongman for New Strength: The Jefferson Deadlift I might like the Jefferson deadlift more than any other version of the deadlift. Yet this amazing exercise is seldom seen in most gyms. My goal with this article is simple. I […]

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5 Day Structural Attack

The biggest and most pervasive training idea out there is that you have to FORCE your body to adapt to get stronger and build muscle. This is not true. Your body adapts to what you do regardless of whether force is used or not. This is the idea behind biofeedback training, greasing the groove, practicing […]

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Strongman Competition WIN!

I’m very pleased to announce I took 1st place in the Men’s Light Weight division at the Santa Cruz Strength Strongman Challenge 2 this past Saturday. It was a hard-fought battle and I’ll be sharing every detail and video I have with you here in this article. Preparation for the Contest One day when I […]

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Practicing vs. Training vs. Testing

The following is an excerpt from Practicing Strength and Movement: How to Gain Any Skill FASTER! which is the new manual now available. In working around the idea of “strength is a skill” I came up with the following continuum. Previously I have pointed out the difference between training and testing your strength, but here […]

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What I have Achieved…and YOU Can Too

Like I told you in my last article about practicing what I preach its one of the most important things that I do. So I wanted to take a moment and share with you the achievements I have accomplished and how you can do the same or similar ones by following the steps I’ve laid […]

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Bent Press with a dumbbell by John Young Smith

John Y. Smith

John Y. Smith was a strongman born in 1866 who lost both parents at the age of four. He spent next 25 years working on ships where he grew up, only to retired at the age of 29 and start weightlifting a year later. Unlike most oldtime strongmen, John Y. Smith didn’t start training as […]

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