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Dark Side Of Fat Loss

Dark Side of Fat Loss Review

I had the pleasure of meeting Sean Croxton recently. I had listened to his show a few times and really liked what he was doing. He sent me a copy of his ebook The Dark Side of Fat Loss and this is my review of it. The Dark Side of Fat Loss is an ebook. […]

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Eugen Sandow

Eugen Sandow, the man who started it all and the father of modern bodybuilding. His real name was Friedrich Wilhelm Müller, but he took his stage name for two reasons – 1) it was a custom to do so as a stage performer and 2) he left Prussia to avoid military service, so it was […]

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Court Saldo

Book Review: Maxalding by Monte Saldo

Monte Saldo was less well known then his major partner, Maxick, in the system they created called Maxalding. That is also the name of the book which this review is about. Maxick became more well known from his books and weight lifting exploits, though Monte was no slouch in that department either. For example, in […]

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Why you need to join us for the Super Human Workshop – Part 4

Did you catch the earlier parts? Kettlebells – Part 1 Bodyweight Training – Part 2 Monster Strength and Conditioning – Part 3 Today lets talk about health and nutrition. Maybe I’m just seeing it more often now. But it seems like more and more people are finally realizing that different people need different things and […]

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Remember Super Size Me?

Meant to get this out to you sooner but things have just been crazy around here. I’ll be having a big announcement next week but until then I wanted to leave you with something that’ll keep you busy. Do you remember the film, “Super Size Me”? You know the one where a guy in New […]

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