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Getting Woo-Woo…

Have you heard this term, woo-woo, before? Wiktionary defines it as: Describing a person readily accepting supernatural, paranormal, occult, or pseudoscientific phenomena, or emotion-based beliefs and explanations. (What does this have to do with strength? Be patient, I’ll get there…) Generally, this term is used derogatorily. It’s used as a put-down by skeptics for anything […]

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Anti-Stress Recharge Routine

I got back from Guatemala a week ago, where I spent a week in the Mayan ruins and the rainforest. It was an incredible and fully present journey for me. And when back home, it was back into the fray: working away on the computer, catching up, then plowing forward on multiple projects. A bit […]

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My Morning Routine and 10000 Hours

So I asked myself the same question I discussed in my article yesterday. What is the ONE thing I could turn into a habit that would make the biggest impact on my life? The answer was training. Of course I was already working out regularly. Typically five days a week. But this wasn’t enough… I thought about the 10000 […]

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