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The Benefits of EXTENDED Sleep

Yesterday, we talked a bit about the drawbacks of poor sleep. And we could go much, much further on these (blood sugar disregulation leading to weight gain, heart problems, depression, etc.) But today, I want to talk about something more fun… The benefits of extended sleep. And while extension of the amount of time in […]

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Getting Woo-Woo…

Have you heard this term, woo-woo, before? Wiktionary defines it as: Describing a person readily accepting supernatural, paranormal, occult, or pseudoscientific phenomena, or emotion-based beliefs and explanations. (What does this have to do with strength? Be patient, I’ll get there…) Generally, this term is used derogatorily. It’s used as a put-down by skeptics for anything […]

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Rerunning a Mental Program

I put together a multi-faceted plan to get back in action on the Beast Snatch, and finally achieve this big goal. One part of that plan was for mental training. And one aspect of that was to listen to my own Fitness Maximizer hypnotic tracks.  While I also do self-hypnosis each morning where it is […]

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Sex on Strength

I am very impressed with the quality of questions that have been coming in lately. Jon-Mikael asked the following: “I wanted to ask your take on how sex affects the body and one’s strength. I have at times “released” my sexual energy and my body feels like it is on vacation. I then go to […]

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A Breath of Fresh Power

The following is a guest article from Jarell Lindsey. I want to present a concept to you. Walk through this scenario with me, if you will. You, right here and now, are tired, more so than you’ve been in a long time. The stress on your body and mind is something fierce, yet you’ve got […]

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Tai Chi

Energy, Qi and Strength

I was reading William Pullum’s How to Use a Barbell the other day and came across this quote: “The things that make for outstanding physical strength are great vital force, a high degree of nervous energy, and superlative quantity of muscular tissue.” Sounds good to me but what does he mean? The term muscular tissue […]

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The Survey Results

Last week I put out a short survey regarding what you do. Well, the results are in and I thought it would be best to share them all with you, along with my comments about the appropriate areas. Before we dive into the results you have to understand that this is a skewed population. The […]

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Simply Powerful

This past weekend I spent time learning about the energy systems in the body. One of those systems is the radiant circuits which happen to be some of the most powerful energies we possess. Our teacher showed us this video, bringing over the box of tissues onto our table. In my mind, especially as the […]

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K27 Energy Drill

Here’s a short clip from the New Energy Drills DVD. Much of this comes from Chinese Medicine and different sources that involve the different acupressure points, meridians and other energy systems of the body. The kidney meridian runs from the bottom of the foot up the legs and body into right under the inside of […]

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