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Strict vs. Explosive One Arm Rows

In a recent post I talked about using strict form or not and the differences in each. One of the exercises that is a good description of this is the one arm row. And so, in the following video you’ll see a demonstration of a strict row as compared to an explosive, heave, or non-strict […]

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Full Body Kettlebell Workout

When it comes to functional movement, which one is better: isolation of a certain group of muscles or the whole body moving in a synergistic fashion? It is relatively obvious that when you train the body to synergistically move as one solid and functional unit you would be creating a foundation for it to move as functionally and optimally as possible. We could actually […]

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Explosive Bodyweight Exercises

Take a look at the corresponding video that reveals about 5 minutes worth of explosive bodyweight exercises. Notice the creativity that went into forming these exercises. Yes, some of the moves are complex for someone who is in the novel stages of learning, but the beauty in the video is not in the complexity—it is […]

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