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Strict vs. Explosive One Arm Rows

In a recent post I talked about using strict form or not and the differences in each. One of the exercises that is a good description of this is the one arm row. And so, in the following video you’ll see a demonstration of a strict row as compared to an explosive, heave, or non-strict […]

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Jumping Lunge for Conditioning

The following is an excerpt from The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Conditioning. The Jumping Lunge To start with, from a normal standing position, step one foot forward, with a larger than normal step. This forward foot will be flat footed. Bend the leg as the other foot stays in place but raises up onto the […]

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Hill Sprinting

Slow vs. Fast Training

I received this question from Sean over in England the other day and it’s a great one on slow vs. fast training. “Hi Logan. You said in a post before that it is better to lift quickly to develop strength and power. Is this the same with exercises like pushups and squats. The Convict Conditioning […]

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