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Why aim for Flow in Movement?

When it comes to fitness, we tend to think about tangible things. Strength is pounds on the bar or kettlebell, or the progressive step of a bodyweight exercise. Endurance is the time in which you can complete an event or workout. Body transformation is largely about pounds on the scale (as well as body fat […]

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5 Minute Intuitive Mobility Routine

I figured it might be helpful to share an example of me doing an “intuitive mobility” routine. By intuitive, I mean that I’m not just doing the 3 circles per joint, then move onto the next. I start with a movement, feel into my body, and let that guide what I do next. In doing […]

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Flow Seminar Review

The Flow Seminar is a very cool bodyweight training course put together by two of the top people in the field. While so much of bodyweight training to many people is about counting reps, one of the directions more and more people are moving in, is in using it for one of its biggest strengths… […]

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NLP for Fitness Part 5

In my NLP training we dived into the Meta Model. It’s a fascinating model that “consists of a series of categories identifying various areas of verbal communication that are susceptible to considerable ambiguity and which may create limitations, confusion or miscommunication.” That’s from the manual and describes the concept well. But that’s not what I’m […]

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