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How to Position Feet for Bodyweight Squats

A common question is how to position your feet for bodyweight squats. While this applies to all squats, weighted or not, there are some important aspects you’ll want to note, if you’re focusing on bodyweight. First of all, note that there is no one correct form. Anyone that tells you so is just being dogmatic. […]

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What is Perfect Form?

I received a response from one of my earlier articles where I stated that I’m not all that concerned with good form in my exercises. This is very much in contrast with what most people believe, so it is worth going into more detail. Good Form = No Injuries and Bad Form = Injuries? I […]

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PR Report 11-16-13

Lots of solid training this week before I hit the road to Phoenix, Arizona for Energy Medicine training. Several days of squats and lots of PR’s among them. This video includes: Front Squat 185 x 10 Front Squat 245 x 1 (new Max) Half Back Squat 455 x 5 My form is still not close […]

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On Kettlebell Snatch Form

I have to laugh. This form stuff is so funny. I understand the snatch better than most people out there. I understand that form must be compromised to go this fast. Others do not understand this. But I don’t teach the snatch the way I show it in the video except to people that are […]

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