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Chest to Bar Pullups

A question comes in from Laid regarding chest to bar pullups: I have a question about body weight exercise. In fact, about pull-ups. I’ve tried many different approaches but I’m pretty bad in them. I can do 10 chin-ups without problem even more, but with pull-ups I can do 3-4 pull-ups and none of them […]

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Hand Position in Handstand Pushups

Your hand position in handstand pushups is not often addressed, even by those that teach the benefits of this exercise. Yet this small piece of positioning makes a BIG impact. In short, by having your hands out a bit wider, it changes the length of the range of motion, thus making handstand pushups easier. By […]

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How Long does Mobility take?

Paul asked the following question inside the private group for Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle members: “My naive question would be how to get good mobility work done in the shortest time possible. I was doing Pavel Tsatsouline’s routine from Super Joints (the easy one!) and it was taking 20-30 minutes. I don’t have […]

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Improve Overhead Lifts With Partial Movements

I just put up another guest blog post at Breaking Muscle and this time it’s all about (very underrated) partial lifts. TALKIN’ ABOUT LOCKOUTS: PARTIAL REPS FOR OVERHEAD STRENGTH I’m a big fan of partial lifting as it provides certain benefits that differ from those of full-range lifting. While working through full ranges of motion […]

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5 BIG Lessons I Learned from Bud Jeffries

In this article I want to share with you five different big strength training lessons that have largely impacted my life that I learned from Bud Jeffries. #1 – Mixing and Matching Implements When I first got into serious training I was wrapped in the idea of being a bodyweight only guy. Then my friend […]

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Achieving Full Range of Motion in Handstand Pushups

I just put up another article at Breaking Muscle and this time it’s about working your way up to a full range of motion in handstand push-ups. How to Work Up to a Full Range of Motion Handstand Push Up When I first got involved in bodyweight training one of my main goals was to […]

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