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Basics of Closing Grippers

Whether it’s an Ironmind gripper, or another brand, if you step up to the heavy grippers, instead of the easy things found in most sporting goods stores, you’ll need to know a few basics to be able to close the thing. These basics include: Which way to face the gripper, looking at the turn in […]

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The Once per Week Workout Plan

Glenn writes in regarding one of my more popular books, Deceptive Strength: “It’s easy to read as it doesn’t go into minute detail like so many books these days do. So easy to understand and lots of good ideas to help expand on what I’m doing, although I’m still trying to focus on health as […]

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Tour of My Gym

I’ve been asked to give a tour of my gym, so I decided to create this video and share it with you. My gym is actually located in a two-car garage, but since the gym takes all the space, no cars go in here. Apart from various bodyweight training and weightlifting, I am also involved […]

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Torn Cards

Feats of Strength Updates

When I revamped this site I re-discovered my Feats of Strength Indexand realized I hadn’t updated it in a long time. Well that’s about to change. I’ve added text, images and videos to the following posts. Scrolling Frying Pan Rolling Grippers and Crushing Strength Card Tearing I’ve also added a new feat, Neck Strength. Go […]

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Blockweight pinch

Hand Strength Training

David asked a follow up question regarding his Convict Conditioning routine. “Two questions: I forgot to ask, how would you add grip, neck, & calf work in there too; and can you give a more in depth outline of circuit training – how you would plan it?” In today’s post I’ll cover hand strength training. […]

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