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Arch in Handstand Pushups

When it comes to handstand pushups, how little or how much you arch your back can make a big impact on the exercise. First of all, arching is not necessarily going to hurt you like some people claim. As long as you don’t do it excessively, which depends on what your body is able to […]

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Hand Position in Handstand Pushups

Your hand position in handstand pushups is not often addressed, even by those that teach the benefits of this exercise. Yet this small piece of positioning makes a BIG impact. In short, by having your hands out a bit wider, it changes the length of the range of motion, thus making handstand pushups easier. By […]

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HSPU Benefits

Handstand Pushup Benefits

Handstand pushup benefits are many. Some might even call it one of the greatest exercises ever invented. Strengthens the triceps, shoulders and chest Strengthens many stabilizer muscles Requires coordination and balance Can be an effective muscle builder Provides the benefits of inversion Its an impressive skill few people can do Can be handled very progressively […]

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