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balancing in first steps

Training for Balance

Balancing is a movement quality that is sometimes thought of, but not always. On that note, what is involved in training for balance? Gail asks: “I was thinking about what is involved with balance. What I have come up with so far: Strength in certain specific muscles ie- core for cycling & probably most other […]

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How to do a Headstand for Beginners

A headstand is an intense display of upper body strength. To attempt it without proper preparation could lead to severe personal injury or permanent damage to your body. It is also probably not best for you to jump into something like the headstand without having any idea of what you’re doing. It’s important to build […]

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How to do a Headstand Yoga

Sirsasana is another name for the Yoga Headstand, which is a challenging posture within the inversion category. Other inversions include postures such as the handstand, the forearm balance and the shoulder stand. There’s a wide array of benefits to be had from learning how to do a headstand in yoga, but one should never attempt […]

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Handstand Blood Rush

How do you deal with a handstand blood rush? I’m referring to when blood rushes into your head while doing any handstand movements. This happens because of gravity. In an inversion you’re reversing the flow. While some people suffer more from this effect then others, there are a number of things you can do. #1 […]

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Making Progress and Questions

This one came in today. Hey Logan, I’ve only been trying to do a handstand for just under a week and with your website i am already able to hold a handstand for more than 10 seconds! (seems like forever to me) I’m going to keep on trying and maybe ill be able to do […]

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Yoga Headstands

Yoga headstands, known as Sirshasana, are different than the standard gymnastic headstand. Instead of resting your palms flat on the ground you interlock your fingers and place them behind your head. The headstand is a great stunt. Very much underrated. Here is a more difficult variation of the headstand. In fact this would be an […]

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