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The Once per Week Workout Plan

Glenn writes in regarding one of my more popular books, Deceptive Strength: “It’s easy to read as it doesn’t go into minute detail like so many books these days do. So easy to understand and lots of good ideas to help expand on what I’m doing, although I’m still trying to focus on health as […]

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Bodyweight Squats for Mass

Can bodyweight squat helps you build mass? Yes and no. If you’re skinny and have no muscle at all, then any form of exercise will help to add to your frame. This occured to me when I got into bodyweight training after I was about 160 leaving high school. So doing some squats will help […]

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Running on the track

Running Transformed

Cast you mind back to many years ago. Were you ever taught how to run? I wasn’t. Running is just a basic motion that anyone should be able to do with some efficiency. For those who are so out of shape that they can’t run a mile, or a short sprint, without any adverse effects, […]

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