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PR Report 8-31-13

Overall it was a very good week. I finished up with the PCC the past weekend. As mentioned last week I hit my best ever full human flag which is pictured below. With a little more work on this (as I haven’t been training it at all) I should have a fairly solid hold. I […]

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PR Report 8-24-13

Once again I’m back on the road. Only got two workouts done at home. Here’s what I did in that time: Working more on partials I did a 495 lb. three quarter deadlift for a triple. Also been playing around with a squat style extended deadlift to see if I can start using my legs […]

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Bill supporting his training partner

Bill St. John

Bill St. John was a famous old-time bodybuilder and strongman who took part in a number of contests and placed second in the Mr. USA contest in 1971. Among things which make Bill interesting is his focus on neck training. One of the exercises he liked to do quite frequently is the dead hang snatch. […]

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Ed Jubinville

Ed Jubinville performing what is known as The Human Flag. Apart from being incredibly strong, you need to do some practice in order to perform this jaw-dropping move. Ed did it with ease though!     Click here to watch a video & learn more about the human flag. 

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HSPU's, Flags & Levers

I’ve been making great progress in my training recently and I figured it was time to share with you what I’ve been doing and some lessons from it. If you’re following me on Facebook then you may have already seen these. But in any case there will be many more details here. Freestanding Handstand Pushups […]

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Clutch Flag

Been having lots of fun in my recent park workouts. Here is a video on me doing a Clutch Flag. Clutch Flag To be honest, I had never seen nor heard of this version of the human flag, until I read Convict Conditioning 2. Anyone with a good level of strength should be capable of […]

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Amazing Hand Balancing Video

Here’s another video of an amazing hand balancer. The video starts off with 15 straddle L presses to handstand. This is followed by 10 handstand pushups, a half pirouette, then 3 more. Using rotating hand balancing stands a series of elbow lever press to handstands. Front and side splits (including extended). One arm handstands in […]

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The Human Flag

Have you ever wanted to do the Human Flag? Then today is your lucky day. My friend, Thomas Tapp, and his brother have just put together a detailed course, on how to achieve this one amazing move. I’ve been working on the human flag on and off over the past year, seeing some success. But […]

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Awesome Free Running Video

You can spend a lot of time on Youtube looking around at videos on many cool things. Parkour and Free running are two such things. But instead of you looking I’ll highlight a few of the best in the coming weeks here on the blog. This first one is long but has tons of great […]

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Human Flag with a Partner

The human flag involves supporting your body on a pole or some rigid structure and making your body shoot straight out from it, like a flag on a pole, hence the name. This require complete body control and strength especially in the abdominals to support the legs at the disadvantaged leverage. As seen in this […]

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