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Ido Portal – Just Move

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Recently, this documentary was release. It is titled Just Move and is about Ido Portal and his teachers regarding movement. For anyone interested in movement (and hint: everyone should be considering you move throughout your life) this is worth watching. You can find more of the movie, as well as …

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Improper Alignment Training

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… And so here I go contradicting myself. Lately I have been preaching to everyone, especially through my articles, the importance of maintaining good posture through exercise and movement in order to prevent us from continuously adding fuel to the fire when it comes to muscular imbalances. And so I …

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NLP for Fitness Part 5

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In my NLP training we dived into the Meta Model. It’s a fascinating model that “consists of a series of categories identifying various areas of verbal communication that are susceptible to considerable ambiguity and which may create limitations, confusion or miscommunication.” That’s from the manual and describes the concept well. …