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Rafter Rows

One thing I never really had an opportunity to work on is rafter pullups. If you’re not familiar with this exercise, it is where you pinch a rafter, fingers on one side, thumbs on the other, and holding up yourself just like this, you do pullups. In my new place were some rafters I could […]

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Vertical and Horizontal Presses and Pulls

I received a question regarding the balance between vertical presses and horizontal presses and pulls, with vertical exercises like pull-ups, overhead barbell press or handstand pushups versus horizontal presses like bench press, dumbbell rows, inverted rows and similar horizontal movements. Do you really need to do all of these to make a balance between horizontal […]

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Inverted Bodyweight Rows

Have you taken the time to examine your posture lately? If not, now would be as good a time as any. Take the moment to stand perpendicular or sideways to a mirror and imagine a line going from the lateral malleolus (outside ankle bone) to the approximate point of the earlobe. If you have good posture, this line should intersect the hip […]

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Beginners Bodyweight Workout

Want to start working out but can’t afford a gym membership? Do you feel like you simply don’t have time to work out? Are you just starting out in bodyweight fitness and don’t know where to start? A good beginners bodyweight workout is a good place to start. A lot of time, when beginners are […]

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