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My Favorite Mobility Drills

In this video, I walk you through some of my favorite mobility drills: When it comes to something being a favorite, there are several ways you could label it that. It may be something you’re good at. It may be something you like doing. Or it may be something you aren’t good at, but has […]

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Jaw Traction Mobility Drill

The jaw is a joint that is often neglected. I call these traction circles because you’re moving in protraction and retraction, that is jutting your jaw forward into an under bite, then pulling it back into an over bit. After practicing this forward and back motion, add the side to side to make it into […]

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Dub Step

Various forms of dancing are some of the best showcasing of movement out there. Although I love strength, I really enjoy anyone’s ability to move well. I don’t know much about Dub Step but I really enjoyed this video. This guy can move! Who needs mobility training when you can do this!

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5 Forms of Mobility Training

My first introduction to mobility was the Naked Warrior workshop presented by Pavel Tsatsouline and Steve Maxwell. Steve led us through a routine covering the toes to the head. Most of it came quite easily. But I remember that first time trying to move my thoracic forward and back. Ha! It wasn’t happening. It’s a […]

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Clubs and Cables

It looks like a lot of people enjoyed my last post listing my top 5 training tools of 2009. There were many comments and questions so I’m going to try to respond to them today. Many people had some variety of leverage tool in their top five. Clubbells, maces and sledgehammers. And there was one […]

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