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How to Snatch Heavy Kettlebells

Are you trying to find out how to snatch heavy kettlebells? This video gives you several tips on how to do it. In this video, I snatch a 60kg, or 132lb, kettlebell, so I know what I’m talking about. Several of the points found here are: It is always good to work with heavier kettlebells […]

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60kg Kettlebell Snatch

The following video shows a few reps on each arm with the 60kg kettlebell snatch. I ordered a 60kg kettlebell from Dragondoor for the purpose of making it my heavy kettlebell. By means of doing this “The Beast,” aka the 48kg bell, would no longer be the heaviest one I had. This is for both […]

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Kettlebell Hardstyle vs. Girevoy vs. Crossfit

Over the years in the kettlebell community, this has been an endless controversy. Everyone likes to claim that what they do is the best way to do things. I guess it’s human nature to say so. But the fact is that, more often than not, there are multiple ways to skin a cat; it just […]

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Fools Kettlebell Technique

***(in the most sarcastic tone possible) Thank you so much Youtubers for your unsolicited advice. What would I possibly do without you?*** Just recently I received comments regarding my technique on two of my older kettlebell videos, along the same lines, but from different people. I call these people fools not because of their technical […]

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Hercules + Muscle + Hypnosis = Awesome

I wanted to share this recent workout with you. 112 snatches with the 40kg (88 lb.) kettlebell in 10 minutes. Not only was that an overall record, but I also did more reps at every minute mark within that time frame. (That’s something I’ve been looking at as far as progress is concerned with this […]

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Kettlebell High Pull Set

Just wanted to share another recent PR in training as I work my way forward on the beast snatch test. As mentioned in a previous article and video, one of the support exercises I use is the high pull. I’ll do whole workouts where I shoot for more volume, or more in a certain time […]

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Kettlebell Bolt Competition Results

This past Saturday I participated in my first kettlebell competition. It was a Bolt competition put on by the IKLF (International Kettlebell Lifting Federation). In case you’re not aware, the Bolt rules make competing in kettlebells more “user friendly” than the original kettlebell sport. They do this through three ways: By having more events (Double […]

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The 50% Workout

As you know if you’ve been paying attention I’m working on my goal of 100 snatches with the 48kg or 106 lb. kettlebell in 10 minutes. When I first imagined undertaking this goal I thought it would be a little bit easier than it has turned out. This isn’t the first time I underestimated a […]

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Double Kettlebell Snatch x 100

Whew! This one was tough… 100 double snatches with the 24kg kettlebells. Although the same amount of “work” as the 150 reps with double 16 kg’s, this was harder. It is also the same amount of “work” as my goal of of 100 reps in the single snatch with the 48kg kettlebell. Work, in this […]

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More Progress on the Beast Snatch

In a recent workout I went for a PR towards my goal of 100 reps with the 48kg kettlebell. My goal here was 80 and although it was a struggle I hit it. (My previous record was 70.) A key in doing the kettlebell snatch or any endurance set is the right kind of pacing. […]

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