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How to Snatch Heavy Kettlebells

Are you trying to find out how to snatch heavy kettlebells? This video gives you several tips on how to do it. In this video, I snatch a 60kg, or 132lb, kettlebell, so I know what I’m talking about. Several of the points found here are: It is always good to work with heavier kettlebells […]

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To Press a Lot You Must Press a Lot

Fil states: “I’d love help in increasing my one arm dumbbell overhead press.” While more details certainly would have helped me give more directed information, I can still talk about this in a more general way. Pavel Tsatsouline popularized an old Russian saying: “To Press a Lot You Must Press a Lot” What this means […]

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Single Snatch Set of PRs

When you have a goal, you generally cannot pursue it in a straight line. If it’s a big goal, it’ll need to be aimed at through several paths. This is true in training as well as much else. One of the ways that I’m pursuing my beast snatch test goal, is through different versions of […]

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Adding Variety and Complexity

Think about great powerlifters for a moment. Recently, I heard an interview with one of the best out there, who shall remain nameless, saying that if he raised his arm above his head it basically would pinch a nerve and he’d pass out. I don’t know about you, but that’s not something that I want. […]

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How to Combine Bodyweight and Kettlebell Training

How to combine bodyweight exercises and kettlebell training? I published a big article on combining weights and bodyweight training recently, that’s been well received, but this time I’d like to focus on combining a specific form of weight lifting, kettlebells, along with bodyweight training. As I mentioned in the article above, there are many ways […]

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Jeff Martone

8 Years of Kettlebells

I’ve been using kettlebells for a fair amount of time. And over that time I’ve used them for many purposes and with many different methods. In this article I’m going to encourage you to go outside of the box on whatever methods you may have come to know and use with them. To properly do […]

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Podcast: Adrienne Harvey

Listen to the first female interview on the Legendary Strength podcast with Adrienne Harvey. I first had the pleasure of meeting Adrienne when she attended the 2nd Super Human Training Workshop. [display_podcast] How to tackle the Iron Maiden or Beast Challenge The Human Flag for Stronger Presses? Athletes are born MADE All about the PCC […]

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Full Body Kettlebell Workout

When it comes to functional movement, which one is better: isolation of a certain group of muscles or the whole body moving in a synergistic fashion? It is relatively obvious that when you train the body to synergistically move as one solid and functional unit you would be creating a foundation for it to move as functionally and optimally as possible. We could actually […]

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What are you missing in your training?

What is the most important thing that most people miss in their training routine? The answer is easy – it’s triceps extensions! Just kidding! It might be partials, bodyweight workouts, kettlebell exercises or other exercises and it all depends on the specific individual. Some other common mistakes may be present, like only training your upper […]

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First 10 Minute Beast Snatch Test

A few weeks ago I mentioned a new challenge I came up with, the Beast Snatch Test. Back then I did my first work towards it with a five minute version. Last week I went the full ten minutes and managed to get 62 reps. If you watch the video you’ll notice I used some […]

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