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Intensity vs. Severity

The terms we use when it comes to training, guide our thinking about training. As such I feel this is one of the most important terms to “grok” if you want to become stronger. The following comes adapted from The Master Keys to Strength and Fitness where I originally wrote about it. After the typical […]

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Straddle Back Lever

Building up to the Back Lever

I put up another article at Breaking Muscle and this time it’s about building your way up to the back lever. How to Build Up to the Back Lever The back lever is a challenging and impressive exercise. It’s one of the lower level exercises performed on the rings in gymnastics, but that doesn’t mean […]

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Human Flag with a Partner

The human flag involves supporting your body on a pole or some rigid structure and making your body shoot straight out from it, like a flag on a pole, hence the name. This require complete body control and strength especially in the abdominals to support the legs at the disadvantaged leverage. As seen in this […]

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Straight Arm Press

It’s a skill that has long eluded me. A straight arm press. With my long limbs, I don’t have the leverage and flexibility to quite get the move. Bent arm presses are easy. Straight arm presses not so much. But I am making progress. There are a number of ways you can work up to […]

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Clubs and Cables

It looks like a lot of people enjoyed my last post listing my top 5 training tools of 2009. There were many comments and questions so I’m going to try to respond to them today. Many people had some variety of leverage tool in their top five. Clubbells, maces and sledgehammers. And there was one […]

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Planche Progression

Here you’ll find tips on planche progression. “I’m 21 years ( physically strong ) I do need to get into Planche. Can you advice me on something to start with ???” Kenji I have not built myself up to doing the planche. Haven’t really worked on it much. But I can give you a variety of […]

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Da Vinci on Hand Balancing

“Study the science of art and the art of science.” -Leonardo da Vinci Hand balancing is an art. Hand balancing is a science. Which do you practice? It is very helpful do break down what needs to be done with the handstand to make it as easy as possible for people to do. To understand […]

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The Ringless Victorian

A big thanks to Chris for sending this picture in after last weeks email on the Victorian. Who needs rings when you’ve got a partner? This is basically the Victorian held in a partner balance. Notice how far the false grip is used. A necessity as every little bit helps the extreme leverage in this […]

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