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The Man With The Iron Grip by George F. Jowett

This article comes from George Jowett. Few people who saw Charlie Vansittart on the street ever believed he was the man capable of the stupendous arm and gripping strength with which he was accredited. No less a person than the great Cyclops was badly fooled – and on one occasion it caused Cyclops considerable embarrassment. […]

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Victor DeLamarre

French Canadian strongman and weightlifter Victor DeLamarre was born in 1888 in Quebec and he stood at just 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighted only 150 pounds. DeLamarre is best known for bent pressing 309.5 lb in a theater in Montreal, breaking Louis Cyr’s record and setting a new one. This deceptively strong man […]

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Top 5 Strongwomen

Even though oldtime strongmen are the ones who are most recognized for their incredible power and ability to execute extraordinary feats of strength, many strongwomen have also performed in circus shows, music halls and carnivals on a regular basis throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, showcasing their strength. They did everything old strongmen did, so […]

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Louis Attila and Eugen Sandow

Louis Attila

Ludwig Durlacher, better known as Louis Attila was a German strongman born in 1844 and one of the greatest men in the history of physical culture. Professor Attila wasn’t just a strongman, but an accomplished pianist who spoke five languages fluently. He was very well educated and didn’t really trained with weights until he saw […]

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Edmond Desbonnet

Edmond Desbonnet was a French physical culturist, photographer and academic born in 1867. Due to his poor health, he was forced to perform gymnastic exercises from the age of seven. Five years later, Edmond discovered photo of a strongman which he soon started collecting on a regular basis. Professor Desbonnet opened his first physical culture […]

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Ottley Coulter

Ottley Coulter was born in 1890 as the smallest male in a large family of big men, but through persistent training and good diet he managed to reach the highest strength level of them all. He is one of the few circus performers who had at least some kind of higher education, which his father insisted on. […]

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Louis Cyr – The Strongest Man That Ever Lived

The Strongest Man That Ever Lived was written about Louis Cyr by the well-known strength author, George F. Jowett. Here is my review of this book. First off it’s obvious from the title that Jowett believed Cyr was genuinely the strongest of the strong and in fact could claim the title of the strongest man […]

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Book Club: The Strongest Man That Ever Lived

Introducing the Physical Culture Book Club. As a subscriber on Legendary Strength you can join for free. For the month of November we’ll be reading The Strongest Man That Ever Lived by George F. Jowett. Or want to get all 12 books for this year in one package right now? You can get additional savings […]

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