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Ido Portal – Just Move

Recently, this documentary was release. It is titled Just Move and is about Ido Portal and his teachers regarding movement. For anyone interested in movement (and hint: everyone should be considering you move throughout your life) this is worth watching. You can find more of the movie, as well as bonus Q&A’s and more at […]

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5 BIG Lessons I Learned from Bud Jeffries

In this article I want to share with you five different big strength training lessons that have largely impacted my life that I learned from Bud Jeffries. #1 – Mixing and Matching Implements When I first got into serious training I was wrapped in the idea of being a bodyweight only guy. Then my friend […]

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Straddle Back Lever

6 Steps to Mastery?

I’ve been practicing my hand balancing a lot more lately working on some new moves. Its fun to see the difference between just working towards a new move for the first time and one that you have mastery of. In fact, just looking at this model I came up with 6 steps between the two […]

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