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Negative Self-Talk in Health & Fitness

Number 9: Be on the Lookout for Mental Blocks and Negative Self-Talk. That negative self-talk is really important.  So if you hear, “Oh, I can’t do that!” If you hear yourself say something like that or maybe even just think it, it’s like, “Ah!  There’s a belief behind that!” And then you can find out […]

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I HATED Myself

When most people see me tear a deck of cards in half, or snatch a 106 lb. kettlebell over and over and over again, they’ll ask me odd questions like: “When did you learn you could do that?” As if this was an innate talent I discovered that I had one day. As if years […]

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How Sig Klein Saved My Ass!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that my primary goal is the beast snatch test (100 reps with the 106lb/48kg kettlebell in 10 minutes). While I initially thought, this would be a pleasant side goal that I could knock out with a little work, it has turned out to be anything […]

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Do You Have Any Of These Limiting Training Beliefs?

Here’s a list, in no particular order, of some beliefs that could hold you back in a variety of ways. I’m don’t have the motivation to workout Only beginners make fast progress I don’t have great genetics I’m too old to do a handstand It’s not possible for me to become super strong Bodyweight training […]

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I Sucked at Squats

Take a look through my youtube channel. Until recently you wouldn’t find any videos of me squatting heavy weights. Not like the deadlift, where there’s tons of videos up. Take a look at my body and you may see why. I’m not built to squat. Although this is true, in the sense that other people […]

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Podcast: NLP for Strength Training Part 1

I’m about to embark on a three week training course in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Over the next couple weeks I plan to share a few of the things I learn from that session, but in this podcast I wanted to give you a base in case you haven’t heard about it or what it […]

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