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I HATED Myself

When most people see me tear a deck of cards in half, or snatch a 106 lb. kettlebell over and over and over again, they’ll ask me odd questions like: “When did you learn you could do that?” As if this was an innate talent I discovered that I had one day. As if years […]

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Fast vs. Slow Exercise

Ricky asked me a lot of questions. A lot of them are great questions, so I chose to share them with the greater public too: “A couple of questions linger in my mind in regards to your Deceptive Strength (in particular) approach and philosophy… “You seem to think that faster reps are better for this […]

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Light Bulb

Looking for Motivation is WRONG

Darryl asks: “Being an OTR trucker, my biggest issues are prob sitting hours a day, getting decent nutrition. and some days more than others, findings the motivation to get out in the cold or whatever and condition.” I guess it’s not technically a question, but this triggered me wanting to discuss motivation. Motivation is defined […]

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How Sig Klein Saved My Ass!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that my primary goal is the beast snatch test (100 reps with the 106lb/48kg kettlebell in 10 minutes). While I initially thought, this would be a pleasant side goal that I could knock out with a little work, it has turned out to be anything […]

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Hercules + Muscle + Hypnosis = Awesome

I wanted to share this recent workout with you. 112 snatches with the 40kg (88 lb.) kettlebell in 10 minutes. Not only was that an overall record, but I also did more reps at every minute mark within that time frame. (That’s something I’ve been looking at as far as progress is concerned with this […]

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You can’t learn it from a book

I love books. You may have seen some of the videos I’ve done in front of my book shelves. Here’s a photo in case you haven’t… Yes, I read a lot. I find it is a great way to gain information, plus I enjoy it. There is a problem with reading though. In many things, […]

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