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How to Combine Isometric Training with more…

A great question came in recently. And it’s a common question about how to combine different forms of training, if it can be done well at all. Robert asks: First of all: congratulations on your fantastic website!! I’m lovin’ it! Well, I train seriously since two years now, one year of it only calisthenics, based […]

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Advanced Vacuum Exercises

What is shown here is an example of what I do with breathing vacuum exercises as part of my morning routine. Unfortunately, this is not the spot that I typically do this in, but it is a spot I do go to occassionally. I wanted a better back drop for this video than my home, […]

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Maxick the Superman by Edward Aston

The following is an article written by Edward Aston, regarding the muscle control expert Maxick. In 1909 Maxick descended on London like a meteor in a flash of physical glory, and dazzled us with his most remarkable muscular achievements. He was so very different from what we had been used to, and so very much […]

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The Finished Athlete of Strength by Siegmund Klein

The following is an article by Siegmund Klein, that was originally published in Klein’s Bell. Recognition as a first class “strong man” is the ambition of many an athlete whose work has never passed the slough of mediocrity, yet almost all of these men will tell you how to train and how much to do […]

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Dancing The Spinal Muscles by Alan Calvert

This is an article from Alan Calvert that was originally produced in an issue of Klein’s Bell (Siegmund Klein’s magazine from the 30’s). I thought it was interesting for anyone intrigued by muscle control. It describes a series of muscle controls I’ve never otherwise heard of, or definitely seen before. It would be interested to […]

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All About Muscle Control

Muscles can do one of two things, either contract or relax, with varying degrees of both. Muscle control is the art of controlling your muscles. More specifically it involves controlling muscles in isolation, in combinations and sequences. As a specific practice it was largely “created” by Maxick (born Max Sick, but changed his name as […]

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Different Kind of Squats by Sig Klein

I just put up another article at Breaking Muscle in the strongman profile series. Strongman Profile: Siegmund Klein Teaches Us a Different Way to Squat Siegmund Klein was a famous all-around old-time strongman. He was well regarded for his physique and posing skills. In addition to being strong with barbells and other weights, he was accomplished […]

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Muscle Control Routines by Otto Arco

I just put up another article in the Strongman Profile series at Breaking Muscle featuring another small framed strongman – Otto Arco. Strongman Profile: Otto Arco Teaches Us About Muscle Control Techniques Otto Arco was a Polish strongman and wrestling champion. Born in 1881 as Otto Nowosielsky, he didn’t have the typical strongman profile. He was […]

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Muscles vs. Strength

The common person out there believes that muscles equal strength and vice versa. But this is not true. If it were true, then big bodybuilders would dominate every strength sport. They would be the champion powerlifters, strongmen and Olympic lifters. And while there have been a few people that have cross-competed like this in these […]

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Maxick on Muscle Control

Strongman Profile series on Breaking Muscle wouldn’t be complete without Maxick, the master of muscle control. Strongman Profile: Maxick Teaches Us the Lost Art of Muscle Control Muscle control is for the most part a lost art that is no longer widely applied today. Yet a hundred years ago there was one man whose name […]

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