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Toughen Up Your Neck Using These Four Drills

My newest article at Breaking Muscle on making your neck injury-proof has received quite a good reception. 4 Drills to Strengthen and Injury-Proof Your Neck I was pretty scrawny growing up. But a year or two after I started serious training, when I saw an old acquaintance of mine, the first thing he said to […]

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Bill supporting his training partner

Bill St. John

Bill St. John was a famous old-time bodybuilder and strongman who took part in a number of contests and placed second in the Mr. USA contest in 1971. Among things which make Bill interesting is his focus on neck training. One of the exercises he liked to do quite frequently is the dead hang snatch. […]

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Neck Training Article

I wrote a great guest article for Anthony Mychal all about neck training, showing my favorite exercises. Check it out. Neck Training Fit for a Neanderthal

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