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How to Snatch Heavy Kettlebells

Are you trying to find out how to snatch heavy kettlebells? This video gives you several tips on how to do it. In this video, I snatch a 60kg, or 132lb, kettlebell, so I know what I’m talking about. Several of the points found here are: It is always good to work with heavier kettlebells […]

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Strict Form vs. Not

A couple weeks ago I put up this popular article all about form, and how it’s really different than most think. And on that note, I wanted to address a similar area. Should you be super strict with your form? Or should you “cheat,” use a bit of “body English,” or, as some might put it, […]

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Guide to Holding a Handstand Feedback

“After successfully utilizing the free ‘Beginners Guide to Holding a Handstand.’ I have decided to take it to the next level.” This comes from Richard in Virginia, as he bought the Hand Balancing Mastery Course. Smart move. I made the Guide to get you started in hand balancing because of the lack of information on […]

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