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Fixing Osteoarthritis

Charles asked about fixing osteoarthritis: “What about osteoarthritis of the knee? Your healthy your whole life, then all of a sudden this comes upon you and knocks you for a loop! The lovely thing about it is you don’t even know your developing it until it’s at an advanced stage and difficult to treat. What […]

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My Omega Test

Wow, there was tons of great comments on my latest blog post that talked about vegan and vegetarian athletes. Be sure to read them as you could learn a thing or two. And also recently I shared my blood test results. One thing that test did not have was Omega 6/Omega 3 fatty acid ratios. […]

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Vegan and Vegetarian Athletes

I received this question from Zack the other day after my post about my blood work. I thought it was good enough to answer for everyone. “I’ve heard a lot of information about vegetarian and vegan diets for athletes, could you point me in the direction of a reputable source to help me become a […]

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