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Strength is a Skill (What does this mean?)

What does it mean when you hear strength is a skill? This quote, originally from Pavel Tsatsouline, changed how I viewed strength. I read through his book, The Naked Warrior, applied some of the techniques and was instantly stronger. That had never happened before, and it instantly opened my eyes to a new way of […]

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How Long does Mobility take?

Paul asked the following question inside the private group for Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle members: “My naive question would be how to get good mobility work done in the shortest time possible. I was doing Pavel Tsatsouline’s routine from Super Joints (the easy one!) and it was taking 20-30 minutes. I don’t have […]

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To Press a Lot You Must Press a Lot

Fil states: “I’d love help in increasing my one arm dumbbell overhead press.” While more details certainly would have helped me give more directed information, I can still talk about this in a more general way. Pavel Tsatsouline popularized an old Russian saying: “To Press a Lot You Must Press a Lot” What this means […]

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Pavel Teaches Us About The Value of Practice

Another guest article has just been put up at Breaking Muscle. Lessons From Pavel: Strength As a Skill And The Value Of Practice As I sat on my bed in my crowded room, I could hear Pavel Tsatsouline’s voice in my head as I read through The Naked Warrior. This book was the first time […]

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Beast Snatch

Kettlebell Snatch Test Variations for All Around Fitness

I put up a new post at Breaking Muscle about different versions of the kettlebell snatch test. 3 Ways to Vary The Kettlebell Snatch Test for All Around Fitness The kettlebell snatch is fairly technical, but not nearly as much as the Olympic lifting counterpart. If you know how to swing a kettlebell, then the […]

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