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How Long does Mobility take?

Paul asked the following question inside the private group for Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle members: “My naive question would be how to get good mobility work done in the shortest time possible. I was doing Pavel Tsatsouline’s routine from Super Joints (the easy one!) and it was taking 20-30 minutes. I don’t have […]

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How to do the Airborne Lunge

This video describes the basics of how to do the airborne lunge. I first read about this exercise in Pavel’s The Naked Warrior, but never really got into it, favoring the pistol squat instead. But recently I was reintroduced to this exercise by Max Shank and have been using is fairly frequently since that time. […]

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5 Forms of Mobility Training

My first introduction to mobility was the Naked Warrior workshop presented by Pavel Tsatsouline and Steve Maxwell. Steve led us through a routine covering the toes to the head. Most of it came quite easily. But I remember that first time trying to move my thoracic forward and back. Ha! It wasn’t happening. It’s a […]

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Convict Conditioning Routine

I received this question the other day after my post on Convict Conditioning, and since it was well thought out I’m going to give an in depth answer. Hey Logan, You obviously have far more experience than me and I don’t even compare to you in terms of strength/conditioning. You’ve done an awesome job from […]

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Don’t Feel Like Training?

I got a special announcement coming next week. And then an even bigger one sometime next month. In the meantime, a small tip for today. No matter how on top of it all you are, there will be days when you don’t feel like training. Today was one of those days for me. But instead […]

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Different Kettlebell Styles

Tomorrow I will be attending the American Kettlebell Club Certification under World-Champion Girevik Valery Federenko. For those of you who do not know, Girevik is Russian for kettlebell lifter. If you don’t know much about kettlebells read my article What is a Kettlebell and Why Use One? I am not sure exactly what to expect. Previously […]

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