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Diversity of Fitness

Jim sent this in (along with a question for another day): “BTW, a really impressive thing about you and your web site. It is amazing how many different things you have studied. Handstands, heavy partials, old time stuff, bending steel, etc. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else with such a diverse experience. Great stuff!” […]

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Fighting Cancer and Changing Behavior

According to the CDC every year 14 million people find out they have cancer. And 8 million people die of cancer each year. That means a less than 50% survival rate. With statistics like that most everyone knows someone that has been impacted by cancer. I certainly have my own very personal story. Benjamin Franklin […]

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Podcast: Gluten Sensitivity with Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne discusses gluten sensitivity in detail you won’t find from most doctors. [display_podcast] The difference between Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity Why just avoiding “gluten-free” grains may not be enough Not sensitive? Find out if grains are still your best choice Genetic testing vs. Blood testing How gluten may effect your performance Are […]

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Why you need to join us for the Super Human Workshop – Part 4

Did you catch the earlier parts? Kettlebells – Part 1 Bodyweight Training – Part 2 Monster Strength and Conditioning – Part 3 Today lets talk about health and nutrition. Maybe I’m just seeing it more often now. But it seems like more and more people are finally realizing that different people need different things and […]

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One Arm Half Planche Picture

Here’s another picture of Rafael Guerrero doing a one arm half planche or lever at Club Aponte. There’s a few things I’d like to point out about this picture. First off, on the move itself. I’ll be having more on the one arm half planche soon, even a full article as its a move I’ve […]

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