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Quitting the Beast Snatch

Well, I don’t quite look at it that way. Instead, I am switching gears. For years, I’ve pursued the Beast Snatch Test, where I aimed to do 100 snatches in 10 minutes with a 48kg or 106 lb. kettlebell. I’m setting aside this goal…for now. I don’t see this as a failure, just something I […]

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Principles of Progression Part 1

I often mention the principles of progression and the fact that if you understand these principles making progress in any exercise is, at the very least, simple to understand. However, just recently when I was asked about these I realize that I didn’t have them posted anywhere online. (The best place to find them previously […]

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What Drives Me? – Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

I’ve received an interesting question the other day. This person wanted to know what drives me to push myself further than a normal gym-goer to become a strongman. Below is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which I already talked about before, but I thought it would be good to include it again in order to answer […]

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Arthur Saxon Bent Press

Since studying Arthur Saxon I’ve been doing a number of the exercises he outlines in The Development of Physical Power and Text Book of Weight Lifting. One of them is the bent press done Arthur Saxon style. Considering he put up more weight then anyone else in the bent press I think it’s a good […]

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505lb. Deadlift

I entered the gym, later than normal, as I had got caught up in a bunch of work earlier. I was feeling pretty good and wondering what exercises I would do today. Then it popped into my mind… “You can deadlift 505 today.” Deadlifting more than 500 lbs. has been a goal of mine for […]

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705 lb. Partial Deadlift

The other day while training I decided to shoot this video for you of a new personal record in the partial deadlift. Now you might be wondering what I’m using to do this pull. It’s the Strongergrip Plateau Buster Swing Handle which you can read more about and see another video of here. I really […]

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