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Dying Art of Phonebook Ripping

As phonebooks slowly become extinct, you have to be a bit more creative in how you tear them in half. After tearing them for a crowd, I often make a joke, “It’s harder to find a phonebook these days than to rip it in half.” Sadly, this is a dying art, a feat of strength […]

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How to Combine Bodyweight and Oldtime Strongman Training

The other day I received a question about how to combine bodyweight and oldtime strongman training. Since I hadn’t specifically covered that topic before I thought it was worth doing an in-depth article on it. I guess that makes this the third article in a series. The first one was a big article about a […]

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Milo Barus

Milo Barus was a German strongman most famous for numerous feats of strength, including but not limited to: Wrestling bulls to the ground Phonebook tearing Car pulling with teeth Horse lifting Steel bending  Nail driving and much more He won the “Strongest Man in the World” title as well as comeptition in load carrying, where […]

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Podcast: Strongman Journey

In this podcast I detail my strongman journey. Here are a few of the details you’ll find inside: [display_podcast] The difference between Modern Strongman and Old, or Competitive versus Performance based The 6 Staple Feats of Strength as taught by Dennis Rogers The Mighty Atom, Slim the Hammerman and how all roads lead to Dennis […]

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Training with Dennis Rogers

I wanted to take the time to share my story of training under Dennis Rogers, now that my company is officially distributing his DVD’s. My friend and I had started to get into some serious training (beyond the bodybuilding we did back in high school, without knowing any better). I read The Spiritual Journey of […]

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Bent Horseshoe

Feats of Strength Updates 2

More updates to the Feats of Strength Index. Plenty of new videos featuring Jedd Johnson, some random woman, Chris Rider, Dennis Rogers, Slim the Hammerman, and yours truly. You’ll have to check them out to see the feats though. Pinch Grip Phonebook Tearing Braced Bending Horseshoe Bending Sledgehammer Leveraging At this rate, if I can […]

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Phonebooks and Nails

Destructive Training Habits

No I’m not talking about spending 4 hours in the gym that wear you down instead of building you up. That kind of stuff will be talked about some other time. What I am talking about is a certain kind of strength training. The kind that leaves behind a pile of destroyed, mangled, ripped and […]

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