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Deadlift Isometrics

Using a barbell and a power rack, you can do deadlift isometrics that can directly increase your deadlifting ability. But you must understand your weak points to know which isometrics will work best. For most people, the sticking point in the deadlift is right below or above the knees. If that’s the case, then isometrics […]

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Pressing Isometrics in Power Rack

If you have a barbell and a power rack you can easily work with a number of pressing isometrics that will translate over to pressing any object. All you have to do is move the pins around so that you can work any position you want. See it in action in the video below. Find […]

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Partial Deadlift

Partials and Power Racks

Just finished a new article that covers the power rack and partials. One of my newest training tools and training methods. Power Rack Article Read it and then start doing it. In strength, Logan Christopher

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Advanced Bridging Exercises

While I believe everyone (except a select few with spinal problems) can and should get the benefits of bridging exercises I recognize that this move is certainly not for everyone. I’ve taken to bridging skills over the years supporting ever increasing weights while in a wrestlers bridge. This move is just a support, holding the […]

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Success in the Gym and Out

I just moved into a new house. It’s great. Tons of room and space for everything. This picture here is of my temporary gym…if you can call it that. Really its just all my weights and tools piled in a place that’s kind of out of the way. In order to get the setup I […]

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