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Beast Snatch x 91 reps in 10 minutes

I’m closing in… Unfortunately, as I near the end its only by a couple reps at a time. My previous best in the 10-minute beast snatch was 87 reps. In this workout I hit 91. But there is extra good news with that. As you can see in the video, in the first set I […]

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Got My Front Splits

If you follow me on Facebook you may have already seen that I did this a couple weeks ago. But I decided to shoot a video showing it. Its not easy…yet…But its there, so my flexibility training has been going well. The side splits are still a ways off, but they’re improving as well. More […]

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Grade 8 Bolt Bend

Hit a new big PR yesterday during my workout – Bending a Grade 8 Bolt. It sort of happened like my 505 lb. deadlift. Coming into the workout I just had a feeling I could do it. So I warmed up with some lighter bolts and nails then went into it. Here’s the video. This […]

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Torn Cards and Phonebooks, Bent Steel

Amazing Weekend

Wow, what a weekend. This last weekend was the first ever Super Human Training Workshop. For three days Bud and I delivered a whole lot of top training information covering everything from partial lifting to qi training, health and nutrition to mental training, feats of strength to bodyweight exercises and kettlebells. And that just scratches […]

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Tactical Strength Challenge

The Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC) is a strength competition consisting of three events: A three-attempt powerlifting deadlift Pullups for max reps Kettlebell snatches for max reps in a 5:00 time period You can find out more at tacticalstrengthchallenge.com I had the opportunity to participate in my first TSC last weekend. I had meant to do […]

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Progress and Regress in Biofeedback Part 4

I’m regularly getting questions on biofeedback training, almost everyday. So I thought it was time for another report on how its working out for me. The whole system is built on a premise. Everything is movement.We desire to move better. Often this is in the form of moving against resistance, also known as strength, but […]

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470 lb Deadlift

Three Keys to Fast Progress

Hit a 470 lb. deadlift yesterday. For those keeping track (like me) that’s another 15 lb. increase in 10 days. I was surprised I maxed out again so recently this time, but the journal doesn’t lie. Also, for the record that’s just past the 2 ½ times bodyweight mark. Closing in on 500. Not world […]

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15lb Max Deadlift Increase in 9 Days

I just wrote last week how my deadlifts have been going way up. But this is getting ridiculous… I ended up doing deadlifts once again. Started with 365 for 8 reps. Went to 415 for a triple. And ended with a 440 lb. deadlift. I could’ve kept going but was fine to stop there. At […]

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Kettlebell Snatch Test

Progress in Biofeedback Training – Part 2

This is the second in a series on my progress on biofeedback. Click here for the first post. I still feel like I need more time to have revolutionary results. So far the results have only been great! My lifts are going up. By following my biofeedback my body is guiding me to do higher […]

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Phonebooks and Nails

Destructive Training Habits

No I’m not talking about spending 4 hours in the gym that wear you down instead of building you up. That kind of stuff will be talked about some other time. What I am talking about is a certain kind of strength training. The kind that leaves behind a pile of destroyed, mangled, ripped and […]

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