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Strength is a Skill (What does this mean?)

What does it mean when you hear strength is a skill? This quote, originally from Pavel Tsatsouline, changed how I viewed strength. I read through his book, The Naked Warrior, applied some of the techniques and was instantly stronger. That had never happened before, and it instantly opened my eyes to a new way of […]

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Practicing, Training, Testing

Number 5, this is kind of an idea I’ve developed and found very useful.  Understanding the difference between practicing something, training, and testing. So with testing, this is where you’re in a competition or you’re really going all out, see what you can do — this is where you break out the mental toughness.  You […]

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Visualization 101

Welcome to Visualization 101. When I introduce people to how mental training can make them stronger, more fit, and achieve the body they want, I’ll often hear one of two things: “I can’t visualize.” …or… “I suck at visualizing.” If you think you’re in either of the above cases, then this series of posts will […]

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Practice is a Meta Skill

I describe practice as a meta-skill. Meta means over or above, thus this means it’s a skill set over and above other skills. Basically, if you get good at “practicing” you can apply that to anything. If you get good at lifting weights you may only be good at lifting weights. If you get good […]

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Practicing vs. Training vs. Testing

The following is an excerpt from Practicing Strength and Movement: How to Gain Any Skill FASTER! which is the new manual now available. In working around the idea of “strength is a skill” I came up with the following continuum. Previously I have pointed out the difference between training and testing your strength, but here […]

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