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Strict Form vs. Not

A couple weeks ago I put up this popular article all about form, and how it’s really different than most think. And on that note, I wanted to address a similar area. Should you be super strict with your form? Or should you “cheat,” use a bit of “body English,” or, as some might put it, […]

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Max Sick

Max Sick

Max Sick was a strongman and gymnast from Austria born in 1882, most famous for developing the Maxalding system with Monte Saldo. But he did much more than that. Early Life Born to Swiss parents, Maxick developed rickets and dropsy along with lung problems at a very young age. This set of conditions set him […]

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Podcast: Strongman Journey

In this podcast I detail my strongman journey. Here are a few of the details you’ll find inside: [display_podcast] The difference between Modern Strongman and Old, or Competitive versus Performance based The 6 Staple Feats of Strength as taught by Dennis Rogers The Mighty Atom, Slim the Hammerman and how all roads lead to Dennis […]

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Why you need to join us for the Super Human Workshop – Part 1

I figured I’d start a series that goes into more depth about some of the topics both Bud and myself will be covering at our upcoming Super Human Training Workshop. Far from being just promotional, I aim to teach you some useable information here. The workshop is set up to cover quite a wide variety […]

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