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Myths about “Good” Form

In a recent message, I discuss that fast vs. slow training, wasn’t really important. Sure, there are some specific instances where one may be better than another, but the fact is you can make progress either way. Thus, it is not one of the very important aspects of training, compared to something like progressive training, […]

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Kettlebell Goblet Squat

Dan John has always been one of my favorite strength and conditioning gurus to follow. Then again, I may be a tad bit biased considering we share the same love for throwing odd implements for a distance. Nonetheless, he’s a man who knows his stuff, and his ability to dumb-down difficult concepts nearly never fails. […]

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How Using “Proper Form” Is Setting You Up For Injury

The following is a guest article from Professor “Stone” Paul who you can also catch in this week’s podcast on the Isometric Mind here. Yes, you read correctly. Contrary to what everyone has told you, using “proper form” is indeed setting you up for injury. Yeah, I know it sounds ludicrous, but hear me out […]

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Podcast: The Isometric Mind

This podcast features Professor “Stone” Paul as he talks about isometrics and how training them is very useful but altogether different than training isotonic (moving) exercises. (I apologize as there are a few issues with the sound on this one, due to Skype. The good news is that they are intermittent so for the most […]

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