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Rack Pull vs. Health Lift

This video covers the difference between Rack Pull vs. Health Lift, and why you might want to choose one over the other: The key difference is in the alignment of the spine and legs. In a rack pull, you’re mimicking your deadlift position as you would normally have it, typically in a conventional deadlift. In […]

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What I have Achieved…and YOU Can Too

Like I told you in my last article about practicing what I preach its one of the most important things that I do. So I wanted to take a moment and share with you the achievements I have accomplished and how you can do the same or similar ones by following the steps I’ve laid […]

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Strengthen Your Structure and the 1000 lb. Club

The majority of fitness and even strength training is focused on the muscles and also the cardiovascular system. But that’s not all there is to having a strong and fit body. If you only focus on your muscles, they may be strong but what about everything else? Injuries can and do occur in the tendons […]

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Wayne Smith

Wayne Smith was a strongman born in 1932. He became interested in training in early years, along with a twin brother Ward, but he actually started training after he joined the Navy. During his service in Hawaii, Wayne became a friend with Tommy Kono and below is the picture from Tommy’s gym, with Wayne performing […]

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Podcast: NLP for Strength Training Part 2

This podcast explores NLP in more depth as we take a look at beliefs, time and perceptual positions. Click here for Part 1. [display_podcast] Reasons why my progress seems to be accelerating even faster! A 5 Question Belief Assessment Tool How to step into the Future to better achieve your goals today How to step […]

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Lifting Over 1000 lbs.

This wasn’t a main goal of mine, but ever since I bought my 110 lb. plates I figured I was close enough to go after it. Amazingly I hit it even faster than was expected. The rack pull or quarter deadlift is a great exercise. It is a partial movement in which you can handle […]

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Should you go for Repetition or Maxing on Partials?

Should you do singles, max-out with low reps or go for lots of repetitions in partials training? This is a matter of personal preference and there a lot of different opinions on this. My opinion on this and every other exercise is that a mix of lower reps with heavier load and higher reps with […]

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Rack Pull Exercise

Here is another one of my favorite exercises. The rack pull exercise is the name for a partial deadlift usually just the last couple inches. I suppose what I’m doing here may be about a quarter deadlift. In this video which comes from this previous Saturday’s workout I hit a new PR of 815 lbs. […]

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Podcast: Deceptive Strength

Learn about what it takes to build super strength without adding size. In this podcast I discuss some of the concepts from my newest book Deceptive Strength. [display_podcast] Is your fate determined by genetics? Missing keys from most people’s workouts who want to get really strong The common fallacy among the general public and why […]

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Weightlifting Straps

When you reach a certain point of progress and start moving some serious weight, the first part of the body which will often give out is your hands. The muscle in the back and legs are much larger and even with strong hands, you’ll still benefit from using straps to keep up with the progress. […]

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