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Clay, Aluminum and Alzheimer’s

A couple weeks ago I sent out an email about the benefits of eating various types of clays, which was one of the tips inside of 101 Advanced Steps to Radiant Health. I got a response from a man named Dan, which began a thread, that I figured you might also be interested in: In […]

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Nutritional Fasting

Over the weekend I did a fast. In total it lasted about 3 days. Fasting is something I’ve been doing on and off for years. Recently, though I haven’t done all that much. I got started fasting after reading Paul Bragg’s The Miracle of Fasting several years ago. Still a great book, though my ideas […]

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470 lb Deadlift

Three Keys to Fast Progress

Hit a 470 lb. deadlift yesterday. For those keeping track (like me) that’s another 15 lb. increase in 10 days. I was surprised I maxed out again so recently this time, but the journal doesn’t lie. Also, for the record that’s just past the 2 ½ times bodyweight mark. Closing in on 500. Not world […]

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Turkey Tail

My Most Important Message Ever

First off, I’ll have the full story of my hair pulling performance later. Just getting the video ready to go and writing it up. Until then…this may be the most important message I’ve ever written. (Deep breath) Okay, here we go… My mother passed away less than six months ago from cancer. It was the […]

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