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The Recovery Mat

This is something I have personally been using for quite some time, but haven’t let anyone know about, until now. That is laying on top of an acupressure mat after working out. After hearing about these mats I started doing this. Then, I read in Tim Ferriss’ Tools of Titans about circus professionals and athletes […]

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Beast Snatch Progress

As you likely know if you’ve been paying attention, my main training goal right now is snatching the 48kg or 106 lb. kettlebell 100 times in ten minutes. When I initially conceived of this goal, I thought I’d be able to make short work of it. I proved to be mistaken. Very mistaken. This has […]

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More Deadlift and Chinnup PR’s

As I mentioned earlier I feel like my progress is accelerating. Here are two more big PR’s for me that happened back to back. The first is a partial Jefferson deadlift. Working at about a 3/4 range of motion this is a fairly powerful position. I know I could have gone even higher and/or could […]

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