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Maxick's Muscle Control

Move the Damn Things!

Two weeks ago, I shared a mobility drill that I first learned from studying muscle control, and then further worked with through what I call “Intuitive Mobility.” Specifically, it was the Shoulder Blade Box Mobility Drill. (In case you missed it, you can find it on the blog here.) Well, I received the following response […]

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How I’m Healing My Shoulder

The other week I told you about how I injured my shoulder in a Thanksgiving football game (actually playing it, not just watching TV). Based on what’s happening there is likely some tendon and/or ligament damage. If it was just the muscles it would be fine by now, but its not. I say likely because […]

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Fend Off Back and Shoulder Pain With This Bodyweight Exercise

Another article on bridging and preventing back & shoulder pain has just been published at Breaking Muscle. A Bodyweight Exercise to Prevent Back Pain and Shoulder Pain   In my previous article I covered the wrestler’s bridge and front bridging, but that’s only one side of the bridging game. There is also the gymnast bridge, […]

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