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Progressive Stand Up Challenges – Cross Leg Sit to Stand

This video is the first in a series of progressive stand up challenges where I cover regressions and progressions to be able to do various bodyweight movements. Our first one covers the cross leg sit to stand. This was the method used in the sitting-rising test as covered in Brito et al’s research, that showed […]

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Twisting Cross Leg Squat

I was flowing around with some of the stand up exercises, and stumbled across this one that I particularly liked. First is a cross leg squat until sitting. If you’re not familiar with this move, it is also the method used in the sitting-raising test. This is then done in a twisting motion from one […]

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5 Day Structural Attack

The biggest and most pervasive training idea out there is that you have to FORCE your body to adapt to get stronger and build muscle. This is not true. Your body adapts to what you do regardless of whether force is used or not. This is the idea behind biofeedback training, greasing the groove, practicing […]

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Two Flexibility Workouts to Improve Your Pistol

I put up a new post at Breaking Muscle about two drills to help you improve your pistol. 2 Flexibility Drills: The Keys to Progressing Your Pistol The pistol is one of the best bodyweight exercises for leg training. Even the average person can work up to repping out two-legged squats with just a bit […]

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Half Squats/Half Good Morning

As discussed in previous articles I’ve been working on weighted squats a bunch lately. In the past I found that my lower back would often get sore or tired, or be the cause of failing at a certain weight. This was odd, since my lower back was much stronger than average, from all the kettlebell […]

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I Sucked at Squats

Take a look through my youtube channel. Until recently you wouldn’t find any videos of me squatting heavy weights. Not like the deadlift, where there’s tons of videos up. Take a look at my body and you may see why. I’m not built to squat. Although this is true, in the sense that other people […]

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How Using “Proper Form” Is Setting You Up For Injury

The following is a guest article from Professor “Stone” Paul who you can also catch in this week’s podcast on the Isometric Mind here. Yes, you read correctly. Contrary to what everyone has told you, using “proper form” is indeed setting you up for injury. Yeah, I know it sounds ludicrous, but hear me out […]

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Quick Barbell and Bodyweight Leg Workout

Check out this guest video from Tyler Bramlett featuring a quick and easy, yet effective, barbell and bodyweight leg workout. Grab the $7 Warrior Lower Body Course here. (Limited Time Offer) The Warrior Lower Body System has been designed to show people the safest and most effective way to perform functional lower body training, it’s […]

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