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One Arm Press from Straddle

This video shows a one arm press from straddle to one arm handstand on hand balancing canes done 11 times. You can skip to about 1:20 when the action starts. Judging by the reactions and build up it must have been a record at least among this group. One Arm Press is a super advanced skill. […]

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AHA Moments

Bad time to start my hand balance everyday challenge. I go to gymnastics and end up sore for 4 or 5 days afterwards. Then off a whim I end up in a 6 mile road race. This too leaves me sore. And it’s not like I can’t hold a handstand. It’s just that right now […]

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Planche Progression

Here you’ll find tips on planche progression. “I’m 21 years ( physically strong ) I do need to get into Planche. Can you advice me on something to start with ???” Kenji I have not built myself up to doing the planche. Haven’t really worked on it much. But I can give you a variety of […]

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Straight Arm Press Tips

Time to answer some of your questions again. What with the new site and new releases I’ve let some of these pile up. Here’s two asking the same thing. “How do you do a lever up handstand. Starting feet on floor in straddle. Used to be able to do it when I was training 10 […]

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Fellow Hand Balancers

I spent this past weekend as an Assistant Instructor at the Russian Kettlebell Certification. Kettlebells are a great tool and they could help your hand balancing, as described in part by Rif in the interview found in the Hand Balancing Mastery Course, but that is not the main point of this message.It just that at […]

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