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Strength is a Skill (What does this mean?)

What does it mean when you hear strength is a skill? This quote, originally from Pavel Tsatsouline, changed how I viewed strength. I read through his book, The Naked Warrior, applied some of the techniques and was instantly stronger. That had never happened before, and it instantly opened my eyes to a new way of […]

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Practicing vs. Training vs. Testing

The following is an excerpt from Practicing Strength and Movement: How to Gain Any Skill FASTER! which is the new manual now available. In working around the idea of “strength is a skill” I came up with the following continuum. Previously I have pointed out the difference between training and testing your strength, but here […]

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Strength is a Skill and Deliberate Practice

I just recently read Talent is Overrated, and this is led to me thinking more about this statement that I first heard from Pavel that “Strength is a Skill.” For this article I wanted to dive deep into this subject so that you’re able to improve your results in your strength training. Let’s start off […]

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