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12 Carrying Exercise Positions

Overall, carrying weights is an underrated exercise. It deserves prominence up there with squats and deadlifts as a way to build bodily strength. And it tends to be very applicable to life as sometimes we need to pickup and move heavy things. Nor is it just about strength, but can be turned into a great […]

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Rack Pull vs. Health Lift

This video covers the difference between Rack Pull vs. Health Lift, and why you might want to choose one over the other: The key difference is in the alignment of the spine and legs. In a rack pull, you’re mimicking your deadlift position as you would normally have it, typically in a conventional deadlift. In […]

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To Press a Lot You Must Press a Lot

Fil states: “I’d love help in increasing my one arm dumbbell overhead press.” While more details certainly would have helped me give more directed information, I can still talk about this in a more general way. Pavel Tsatsouline popularized an old Russian saying: “To Press a Lot You Must Press a Lot” What this means […]

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5 Types of Structure Training

Different types of exercises bring different types of results. That’s obvious. So if you’re looking for unconventional results (and let’s be honest, conventional results aren’t that impressive) than you have to do unconventional exercises. In the new Strengthen Your Structure course there are five groups of exercises. Partials and Supports I group these together although […]

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Kettlebell Farmers Walk

The Farmer’s Walk

In my last article I discussed one aspect of Strengthen Your Structure; partial training and weight supports. A series of exercises, somewhat similar but also different in several ways, are the carrying exercises. These are similar in that your body must work to support a load in one position. Which position you use will depend […]

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Strengthen Your Structure and the 1000 lb. Club

The majority of fitness and even strength training is focused on the muscles and also the cardiovascular system. But that’s not all there is to having a strong and fit body. If you only focus on your muscles, they may be strong but what about everything else? Injuries can and do occur in the tendons […]

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PR Report 10-19-13

As I mentioned last week I did belief change work around heavy squats. Since doing that, squats have been in every one of my workouts and I’m making great progress. Of interesting note, in doing research on Bob Peoples for an upcoming article, he stated that he like to deadlift for awhile until he started […]

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One Arm Chinnup Assisted Progression

PR Report 10-12-13

Not a whole lot of action this week, as I was busy filming for the new Strengthen Your Structure course, which will be coming as part of the new Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle. (If you’ve never filmed exercise videos before it can be quite intensive even just demonstrating the exercises, especially if you […]

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Full Standing Rollout (PR Report 9-21-13)

In the past I’ve talked about how the first time you achieve something it is often times very ugly. Your form is far from perfect but that’s okay. As long as it won’t hurt you, and there is a difference between ugly form in achieving something and ugly form that could lead to injuries, you’re […]

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