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Basics of Closing Grippers

Whether it’s an Ironmind gripper, or another brand, if you step up to the heavy grippers, instead of the easy things found in most sporting goods stores, you’ll need to know a few basics to be able to close the thing. These basics include: Which way to face the gripper, looking at the turn in […]

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Easy Bodyweight Grip Hanging Progressions

The other day, an endurance athlete who was involved in Spartan Races asked me for some grip training advice. Without diving into complex equipment, I laid out these ideas for easy bodyweight grip hanging progressions. This is a low-equipment way anyone can use to develop strong hands and fingers. The basics are a: Two-handed bar […]

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Weightlifting Straps

When you reach a certain point of progress and start moving some serious weight, the first part of the body which will often give out is your hands. The muscle in the back and legs are much larger and even with strong hands, you’ll still benefit from using straps to keep up with the progress. […]

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Full Body Grip Drill – Around the World’s

This is a guest post by Jedd Johnson, co-founder of the Diesel Crew and The Grip Authority, the foremost internet site for building lethal hand, forearm and grip strength. Jedd holds the world record in the Two Hands Pinch and enjoys helping others accomplish their strength training goals. The hands and lower arms are often […]

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New Article on Block Weights

There’s a new article, complete with video up on the site. This one covers block weights, what they are and how to use them to build strong hands, particularly the pinch grip. Check it out, and as always comments are appreciated. In strength, Logan Christopher

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