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How to Focus Your Language when Coaching

When you’re coaching someone, you really want to feed back their words.  I didn’t really point it out when I was working with you up here.  This kind of goes into the hypnotic language, some of the stuff we’ll talk about tomorrow, but even though I don’t have him sitting in a chair in a […]

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Podcast: NLP for Strength Training Part 1

I’m about to embark on a three week training course in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Over the next couple weeks I plan to share a few of the things I learn from that session, but in this podcast I wanted to give you a base in case you haven’t heard about it or what it […]

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NLP for Fitness Part 10

I think I may have uncovered a huge key for training success. It’s fairly easy to make progress in training. Even if it’s not always the most linear progress, you should be making some form on improvement at all times. But is this as far as it can go? What if you could train linearly, […]

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